Won't be a jiffy

Valley Mill

Designing a new brand and website to mirror the company values and the natural, luxury qualities of the products.

The Brief

Valley Mill makes a wide range of natural home-ware products including soy candles, natural soaps, hardwood chopping boards and a wide range of Welsh slate products, using a combination of hand-crafting techniques. Valley Mill design all of the products in-house and all products are made by hand using materials from Wales. They also sell other high-quality products from other like-minded manufacturers in Wales.

Valley Mill approached us as they needed a brand refresh to replace their existing solution, which was considered to be out of date.

The company was introducing new product ranges and needed a partner that could help to establish a brand that would match its ambitions.

Quality Brands

Showcase Valley Mill as a quality homeware brand.

Grafted and Handmade

Promote the handmade and organic Welsh products.

Online Shop

Create a user friendly online shop.

The Solution

When we were first approached, the company was called Identilase because of their main USP, which was to engrave onto Welsh slate. However, after early discussions with the company about their ambitions, it was clear the name was not suitable and may hinder their strategic goals.

The initial focus of the project was the process of re-naming of company… And so Valley Mill was born.

For Valley Mill’s brand identity, we wanted to encompass the natural and handmade element of their products, while showcasing the quality, Welsh materials used.

The logo design drew inspiration from millstones, which are grinding stones engraved with patterns. This echoes the brand values of natural, handmade and links to engraving the slate.

Rolling out a Rustic Brand

To ensure consistency across the brand, we were tasked with designing packaging for Valley Mill for slate products, product tags and soaps.

The Valley Mill mark was used across all of the printed packaging, and was water blasted into the slate and painted bronze. The mark acted as a ‘seal of quality’ to distinguish the quality of the Welsh slate.

We coordinated a photoshoot, placing the products in a context that mirrored the natural, rustic and luxury qualities of products. The aim was to visually communicate the brand values with lifestyle photography, which supported the strategic ambitions of the company.

Website Design

We were tasked with designing the new Valley Mill e-commerce website. When designing the website, we adopted a user experience focus, which would allow them to browse multiple categories and products with ease.

As well as showcasing the individual products, the design focused on the lifestyle and environment shots, these provided a stronger impression of the brand and aligned with lifestyle aspirations of the audience.

“Thanks to Blue Stag our company was transformed into what it is today, they helped us to choose a new name, completely re-brand the company including logo design, website design, help to implement the new brand onto the packaging and advise on social media marketing to push the new company onto the marketplace. All with a very relaxed / stress free but professional approach.”

Kevin ThomasDirector, Valley Mill