Won't be a jiffy

Top Tache

Using the power of social media to create a fun and entertaining crowdsourcing campaign to raise money and awareness for Movember.

The Brief

We wanted to create a social media campaign that would help to promote the awareness of mental health and to raise money for Movember UK, who are focused on improving awareness and education about some of the most serious health issues affecting men.

Our aim was to utilise the power of social media in order to create a fun and entertaining experience, that would spread an important message.

Fun & Entertaining

Spreading an important message through an entertaining experience.

Visual Campaign

Utilise Instagram and social media content in clever ways.

Competitive Edge

Creating a sense of competition through voting and sharing content.

The Power of the Tache!

We created the Top Tache campaign, which invited the public to help us to find the best moustache in the world during Movember.

We first planned and designed a campaign that would hit its peak during Movember. We didn’t only want the campaign to be interesting to men or even those that have facial hair, but to create a fun and entertaining experience that would engage a number of audiences.

The identity and the illustrations took a fun and illustrative theme, which was applied across all materials.

At the heart of the campaign was a microsite that allowed people to be able to submit their photos by connecting it to Instagram. On approval, they were added to the list of other moustache heroes.

We didn’t simply want to bring in photos using a hashtag but to invite people to submit their own through Instagram. By doing so, we were able to ensure that the photos were suitable and we were also able to engage with the owner of that content, encouraging them to share their profile and gather votes.

The Virtual 'Tache-Off'

A core feature of the microsite was the virtual ‘Tache Off’, which randomly placed two photos up against each other. It was up to the user to decide which they felt should be awarded Top Tache.

The results of the Tache of the day, week and overall were all displayed within the hall of fame, providing an opportunity for all photos to be featured. This encouraged people to share their accomplishment with their network, which in turn prompted more people to visit the site and get involved with the campaign.

It was important to ensure that all photos submitted were quality and appropriate. We created a back-end system that allowed us to approve all of the content before it appeared on the website.

The Results

In 2 months, the campaign generated a tremendous amount of traffic and conversation. By creating a fun experience with quality content, the campaign generated:

  • Average time on the site 2:18
  • 48,000 unique page views
  • 700 ‘Top Tache’ entries
  • 36,090 total votes
  • 120,003 website hits
  • AWWWARDS Honorable Mention Award