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  • MA in Magazine Journalism
  • Cardiff University
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Hannah is a 23-year-old journalism master’s student, following a three-year degree in English Literature and History. Hannah’s writing is diverse and provocative, but she has a keen interest in LGBTQ+ and charity journalism.

What’s your specialism and why do you enjoy it?

Definitely LGBTQ+ journalism. This spans from writing about activism and resistance, to writing about queer culture, identity and legacy. Within this, I tend to focus especially on the arts. My experience spans both written and broadcast journalism revolving around queerness in film, music, television and more.

I am a lesbian and I believe it is my duty to use my qualifications and skills to drive the queer liberation movement forward. I want to tell the stories of marginalised queer folks. As well as feeling duty-bound, I am also fascinated by how rich the LGBTQ+ community is in art and experience.

Who inspires you?

The LGBTQ+ community! Especially the voices who continue to speak out, even when they are largely ignored.

What inspired your final project and what is it all about?

My final project is all about the history of Welsh queer activism, the Anglocentrism of U.K. media coverage of LGBTQ+ liberation movements, and the intersection between Welshness and queer identity.

I was inspired by my passion for LGBTQ+ studies, my love for my adopted home of Wales, where I have been based for the past four years. Also, my undergraduate studies in history that encouraged me to always seek out the Welshness in British history. I wanted to carry out a project that would remind people of the role that Wales has played in the U.K.’s path towards achieving queer liberation.

What have you enjoyed most throughout your course?

Throughout the course, I loved learning about how many different aspects of journalism there are. From newsgathering, news writing and reporting to profiling, interviewing, and feature-writing. I have very much enjoyed learning the art of journalism. Including learning how to best find and talk with sources, how to mine interesting conversations with interviewees, and how to make my journalistic style adaptable and versatile.

What job role will you be looking for now that you’ve finished University?

I’m looking at jobs as a staff writer for cultural or political publications, as a reporter, or in the communications and marketing sector. I am very interested in carrying out social media and communications work for NGOs and charities. Plus, this is an area that seems to always be hiring! Ultimately, my goal is to climb up the ladder to a position as an Editor.

What are the biggest challenges you perceive going into industry?

The great revolving door of British journalism is a concern. In which, it often feels like those that find journalistic success are exclusively middle-class and rub shoulders with the establishment. That and, of course, the fact that we are currently facing a global pandemic and an incoming recession! But I’m hopeful for change, as young journalists are confronting the classism that tends to overwhelm the industry.

What advice would you give to students going into their first year in September?

For journalism students, I really recommend throwing yourself into your student media organisations. Including the newspaper to the magazine and radio. Remember, your best work will always come from what you’re actually interested in and passionate about.

“I have very much enjoyed learning the art of journalism, by learning how to best find and talk with sources, how to mine interesting conversations with interviewees, and how to make my journalistic style adaptable and versatile.”

Hannah Ryan

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