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Warrior Women

Creating a new identity that empowers and brings together like-minded women.

Warrior Women
Branding, Graphic Design
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Warrior Women Events


Warrior Women Collective was set up in 2017 as a way to bring together women in an informal, inspiring, unique environment. The events aim to produce thought-provoking and inspiring talks that empower women and bring like-minded women together, offering them a chance to network. Therefore, we were asked to create a new identity to better reflect the brand and its values.

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Our goal was to create something that was not overly & stereotypically feminine. In addition to this, the identity needed to appeal to all women, look professional and represent the brand values. Our solution was to create a ‘stamp’ style logo, using a mixed palette of spearmint green, coral pink and naval blue to create a modern, positive, inspiring and approachable brand. We used the main logo as a base to then create sub-brands for their supper club, panel event and news.

Putting their stamp on events for women

Warrior Women run several events throughout the year, which range from Supper Clubs to Summer Parties to Panel Events. Therefore, we decided it would be beneficial to have an identity for each. So, using the main logo as a base, a ‘stamp’ style logo for each event was created.

Each sub-brand has an individual colour and icon to make them identifiable from the main brand. As a result of this, Warrior Women can clearly and effectively promote the range of events they host.

“The guys from Blue Stag have it all: Talent, creativity, humour and an infectious energy. These are all incredibly rare things.”

Charlie Morgan / Owner

Social media is king queen.

Developing the brand for social media graphics was really fun. The bold brand palette and playful font shape the key focus quote graphics and event visuals. The Warrior Women team have been able to take the brand and easily apply it to their online and offline communications going forward.

A brand that grows with their ambitions

Warrior Women are developing their offering as the brand grows from strength to strength. Their adaptable stamp style logo enables us to help their brand stay current and grow with them. Amy & Charlie have launched a podcast, so we designed a new logo for them and a podcast visual identity, which is set up as a template so they can change their featured guest each week with ease.
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