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Time to Talk Day

Make time to talk about mental health

Time to Change Wales
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Mental health problems affect one in four people, but we are still afraid to talk about it. Each February Time to Change run the ‘Time to Talk Day’ campaign. Encouraging everyone to make time to talk about mental health. Since 2018, we’ve helped Time to Change Wales deliver the graphic design for the bilingual campaign.

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Time to Change (England) creates the campaign artwork, which is used across the UK. It’s then over to us to convert the designs into Welsh for Time to Change Wales. This graphic design work includes temporary tattoos, bunting, social media animations and more. The design packs are then sent out across Wales to organisations and Time To Change Wales Champions.

Time to Talk Day 2019

Post card designs for TTTD 2018

Bringing together the right ingredients

In 2019, the focus was on bringing together the right ingredients to have a chat about mental health. Whether that’s tea, biscuits or a four-legged companion. Bringing together close friends or a few workmates to challenge mental health stigma.

Time to Talk Day 2018

Time to Talk Day chatterbox printed resource
Time to Talk Day 2018 - Conversation starter resource

You can talk about mental health anywhere

In 2018, the campaign focus was that anywhere can be the right place to talk about mental health. Whether you’re in the workplace, at home or even on top of a mountain! We shouldn’t be afraid to have these honest and open conversations. This is essential to help break down the stigma around mental health.

Time to Talk Day 2018 - Up or Down Poster
Time to Talk Day 2018 - Welsh Poster
Time to Talk Day 2018 - Poster

It’s time to talk about mental health

This campaign is a brilliant day for communities, workplaces, schools, or anyone to come together and have a chat. If you’d like to get involved in future a Time to Talk Day, head to Time to Change Wales’ website to download resources and find out more.

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