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Establishing an iconic brand and building a global Welsh community.

Branding, Content & Production, Digital, Graphic Design
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GlobalWelsh aims to unite the Welsh diaspora, creating a worldwide community. They want to help Wales and the Welsh be more successful and to celebrate Welsh success on a global platform. To help achieve this, they needed a recognisable, quality brand, a new website and strategic planning.

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The brand focus is a red thread which represented a connective force that unifies the Welsh and friends of Wales. The website enables them to grow their community and engage a variety of people and organisations from across the world. This is one of their crucial strategic objectives as an organisation.


• +1000 website community members
• Opened four hubs - London, Tokyo & Dublin
• Established 13 founding patrons
• Social media audience increased by +5k

GlobalWelsh Logo
Business card design

Celebrating Welsh success around the world

GlobalWelsh needed a site that could be enjoyed and explored by a variety of audiences. The website not only needed to be home to the global community but also act as a showcase and celebration of Welsh success.

We achieved this through “Wonderful Welsh Stories”, tales of success from Welsh citizens and supporters around the globe. Stories from Spotify CEOs, extreme athletes, bands, writers and a whole host of other talents hoisting the Welsh flag. The articles encourage the user to explore and learn more around the people that make up the GlobalWelsh family. Or, they can get involved themselves if they have a Wonderful Welsh Story of their own.

GlobalWelsh hubs


We produced a 3-minute pride evoking, hiraeth building and tear-jerking video. For this video, the talented Alex Peel wrote a poem to communicate the story of Wales and its people. This poem was then paired with footage from the streets of Wales and beyond. Read more about the campaign here.

We also had the pleasure of filming an interview with Welsh rugby legend, Gareth Edwards, who was voted the ‘Best Player of All Time’ in 2003. He is passionate about developing Wales’ brand, not only via rugby. Wales has a lot of skill and talent in a range of industries and it’s important to show the world our potential.

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