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May 28, 2021

What we got up to in May

Alex Peel
Alex Peel

May – the month in which Welsh Labour won a working majority in the Senedd, pubs finally reopened indoors, and a group of Italians clad in fabulous leather dungarees took the Eurovision crown.

It was also a busy month for us here at Blue Stag. Here’s what we got up to…

Keeping Wales tidy as we come out of lockdown

We’ve all missed our favourite places over the last year, and it’s been a huge relief to see restrictions beginning to ease. It was pretty disappointing, then, to see some people celebrate by trashing the joint.

To help people make better choices over the coming weeks and months, we’ve teamed up with the lovely folks at Keep Wales Tidy. Our Make Memories Not Mess materials are going out to all local authorities across Wales as part of their Caru Cymru partnership – Wales’ biggest ever initiative to tackle litter and waste.

Working with behavioural scientists and the Keep Wales Tidy team, we’ve designed messages to make people think about how they’ll manage their waste before they head out, and to pause for thought before they add their own dirty decorations to beauty spots and public spaces. We’ve created posters, bin stickers and kissing gate signage, along with a suite of social graphics and animations.

It’s been a great campaign to work on, and we hope it will have a positive impact on our shared spaces over the summer months.

Bringing the Celts together to take on climate change

Following on from our work on Climate Cymru, we were pretty pumped to be contacted by a consortium of charities in Scotland about setting up a campaign for our Celtic cousins.

As the host nation for the forthcoming UN climate summit (COP26), Scotland has a unique chance to make itself heard for the climate on the international stage. We’re excited by the opportunity to give the people of Scotland a voice, and to bring them together with the voices of Wales at the summit in November.

The branding has followed the same principles as Climate Cymru – youthful, bold and outward-looking – but with a Scottish twist. The site will be launching soon, and we’ve got big plans in the pipeline to grab the attention of the Scottish people.

Finding messages to feed the future

One of the reasons we love running our creative workshops is the chance they give us to learn about new perspectives and ideas. And our first workshop with Our Food was a classic of the genre.

The project aims to create a more sustainable food system, with produce grown locally through regenerative farming methods.

Much of the food we buy in supermarkets is produced using intensive techniques that damage soil quality and leave little space for wildlife. The food system also accounts for up to a third of all our carbon emissions.

Regenerative farming tries to tackle this by working with natural processes, rather than against them. The soil is left relatively untouched, allowing it to capture and hold onto its carbon, and recycle nutrients back into the ground.

Our Food is an ambitious project with exciting plans for the next few months, and we’re really excited to be involved.

Exploring creative concepts with autistic adults

On the back of a really fun and inspiring set of creative workshops back in April, we’ve been working away on some creative and digital concepts for The Autism Directory.

The Autism Directory is an incredible charity providing a range of services for the autism community, including a helpline, employment programmes and events. The organisation is enormously valuable to autistic people, who often feel abandoned by support services once they hit 18.

Around 60% of the charity’s staff are themselves autistic, and have lived experience of the barriers their audiences face.

We’ve enjoyed every minute of working with them, and can’t wait to show the world what we’ve been up to together.

Public Health Wales

Equality and diversity training for mental health professionals

As part of their ongoing efforts to promote equality for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic people in the mental health system, Public Health Wales asked us to produce training videos for mental health professionals. The four videos focus on issues around unconscious bias and a lack of cultural competency, and the structural inequalities they create.

As part of their ongoing efforts to tackle these devastating inequalities, Public Health Wales asked us to produce training videos for mental health professionals. The four videos focus on issues around unconscious bias and a lack of cultural competency, and the structural inequalities they create.

Coronavirus restrictions meant we weren’t able to go out filming, so we’ve taken an animated approach to convey abstract concepts in ways that will meaningfully engage our audience of professionals. The videos will sit alongside a series of more detailed written resources, which Amy is busy designing at the moment.

Helping humanitarian innovators find support

Elrha is a global charity that helps solve complex humanitarian problems through research and innovation. It runs two major funding programmes for humanitarian organisations all over the world, and has a dedicated section of its website to support grantees through the application and grant management process.

The Elrha team noticed they were getting a lot of enquiries where the answer was already available online – it seemed grantees were just struggling to find them.

After holding a series of workshops with grantees and the Elrha team, we’ve reorganised the information and user interface to make it easier for them to find answers. We also looked at the internal workflow for enquiry handling, and how we could better encourage grantees into the habit of going to the website for information.

We launched the new section this month, and we’re looking forward to reviewing the results.

Building a liquid website for Brecon Carreg

Brecon Carreg source and bottle their natural mineral water in the beautiful Brecon Beacons National Park. Their new website will showcase their products and tell the story of their commitment to nature and community.

The site has been designed by the talented team at S3. We’ll be working closely with them to build a flexible solution which can grow with the Brecon Carreg brand, and help them communicate and achieve their strategic goals.

We’re excited to be working with a household brand committed to sustainability, and look forward to launching the site in the coming month.

If you like what you see, and you’ve got a project you think we could help you with, drop us a line.

Dan Sargent

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