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Looking back at a decade

December 20, 2019
Amy & Rhi wearing matching yellow and black outfits
Wine and cheese
2018: Blue Stag turns 10
Crazy golf
2017: Sunny Barcelona for OFFFEST
The team socialising after work
Enjoying Barcelona beach at Offf Festival

The 2010’s are coming to an end, and soon we’ll be living in a new iteration of the “roaring ’20s”

Whether the past ten years feel like they’ve flown or crept by for you, at Blue Stag, we’ve experienced a decade’s worth of memories, experiences and lessons. We’ve loved it all!

From a pair to a herd

At the start of the decade Blue Stag consisted of two mates, who had recently graduated from uni, working from a small bedroom. A small team with big ambitions!

Fast forward and we’re now a herd. A bunch of talented creatives, techies and marketeers, working in the centre of Cardiff. 

We’re still just as ambitious but things have changed a lot since those early days!

We’ve collaborated with some pretty incredible people

From one of the largest world-wide humanitarian charities to a territorial police force, we’ve been pretty lucky to have developed and shared creative vision with some pretty incredible organisations from around Europe.

We are truly thankful for the trust that our clients have placed in us and for the relationships we have forged over the years.

Helping Charities - Community Housing Cymru
Ginger Public Speaking

We created some good stuff

We’re dedicated our time creating and building brands and digital products with organisations that we believe in and that excite us. We’re proud of the work we have achieved together. Here’s a flavour of some of it…

We’ve picked up a few awards

We work for the client and not for the fame but it’s nice when our collaborations are recognised by higher powers. 

In the last 10 years we’ve been lucky to have picked up some pretty cool awards from Webby, FWA, AWWWARDS, Mashies and the Lovies.

CSS Design Awards Lordie or Zombie AWWWARDS - Honorable Mention Parting Words AWWWARDS - Honorable Mention GlobalWelsh CSS Design Awards Blue Stag AWWWARDS - Site of the Day NERC - #Name our Ship CIPR Pride Award NERC - #Name our Ship AWWWARDS - Honorable Mention Eventeem Silver Lovie Award Winner NERC - #Name our Ship Mashies - Best in Marketing Finalist NERC - #Name our Ship AWWWARDS - Honorable Mention Top Tache Webby Honoree 2016 - Best Sporting Website Pontypool RFC One Page Awards UnLtd - Change the World CSS Winner UnLtd - Change the World AWWWARDS - Honorable Mention UnLtd - Change the World Packaging of the World Valley Mill AWWWARDS - Site of the Day Blue Stag

Blue Stag turned 10 years old

Trying to make a positive difference

It’s important to give back and to think about how, as an agency, we can help to make a positive impact to the world we live in. From supporting local creative events to running fundraisers for important causes, we’ve put some energy into trying to do good.

2018: It Will Glow has its first creative event at Depot, Cardiff.

We’ve taken a few trips away

It’s important to get away from the studio and from our busy lives every now and then. It’s important to our culture as an agency and it helps promote a positive work-life balance. 

Each year we’ve tried to take a trip to somewhere new where we can reflect, learn, get inspired, drink sangria, dance the fandango, and have a good time.

Roll on 2020!

With more fond memories than we can list here, we’re thrilled for the future. We already have one pretty exciting announcement that we’ll be making in the new year and we can’t wait to see what else the future will bring. Bring on the next decade!

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