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March 26, 2024

#NotTheOne picks up an Anthem Award


We’ve had some exciting news at Blue Stag in the last few weeks, and we’re so happy to share that our anti-knife crime campaign, #NotTheOne, with South Wales Police and the Wales Violence Prevention Unit has won Bronze in The 3rd Annual Anthem Awards.

The Anthem Awards were launched in 2021 by the Webby Awards, and honour purposeful & mission-driven work of people and organisations worldwide. #NotTheOne has been recognised after being selected from a pool of over 2,000 submissions by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences.

“The Anthem Awards were born out of the desire to amplify and celebrate the voices that are creating sustainable change and to inspire others to take action. In a year where so much is at stake, it is incredibly important to recognise impact work and celebrate the progress happening globally. Congratulations to all of this year’s Winners.”

Patricia McLoughlin, Anthem Awards General Manager.

In the year leading up to March 2022, 282 lives were lost to knives across the UK – the most since records began. In recent statistics, 99 of these victims were under the age of 25. This needed to change. 

#NotTheOne has a fresh approach to knife crime prevention, grounded in evidence and insight from young people. The anti-knife crime campaign strives to bring light on the true outcomes of carrying a knife, and empowers young people to choose to not be the one who does.

At the heart of the campaign are three victims’ stories, exploring the circumstances and relationships that led to knife crime incidents.


It’s been an absolute privilege to work on this project with the contribution of Dai, Emma, and Wes, who have shared their personal experiences of knife crime.

Their input has been so crucial to this campaign, and they have been so brave in sharing their experiences.

The campaign microsite acted as the campaign’s primary call to action, enabling audiences to explore the issues and resources in more depth.

In addition to housing the three documentary videos, the website was a place for educators and teachers to download lesson plans and materials, empowering them to challenge misconceptions about knife crime.

Real experiences and a data driven message has been at the heart of this campaign through out, and we’re so proud to see the impact this has had on communities and young people in South Wales.

“Winning this award is a proud moment for the team. Our message and brand is extending, youth centres are using our workshops, schools are teaching from our plans and we have started a difficult conversation concerning young people and knife crime and violence.”

Jane Stevens, Marketing and Campaigns Manager of South Wales Police

In fact, the real win of this collaborative campaign has been this awareness and education we have to delivered to young people. We have seen over 15,000 young people accessing our educational resources, and more UK Police Forces taking on the campaign to spread the message further. 

“Looking ahead, we're excited to continue this journey with South Wales Police and The Violence Prevention Unit, focusing on empowering young people in Wales to be agents of change for a brighter, safer future.”

Dan Sargent, Creative Director of Blue Stag

Find out more about the #NotTheOne campaign, access educational resources and hear from Emma, Wes and Dai about their experiences at 

We’re so proud of the impact this campaign has had and are excited to roll out the next stages of this project over the next few months.

Dan Sargent

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