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December 22, 2017

Highlights of 2017


2017 has been an absolute cracker.

We’ve been lucky enough to have worked on some incredible projects, met some amazing people, and picked up a couple of awards along the way.

With 2017 coming to an end, a few of us from Blue Stag and We Make Film Happen have picked out some of our highlights of 2017.

Dan – #MatchForManchester

There are many things to look back on in 2017 and be proud of but the standout event for me has to be #MatchForManchester.

We wanted to show Cardiff’s support for those affected by the Manchester terror attack and to raise funds for the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund.

By bringing together a few talented celebrities and community members for a charity football match at the Vale Sports Arena, we managed to raise over £4,000.

#MatchForManchester demonstrated the power of community. I’m proud and thankful to the people of Cardiff and all those who volunteered their time and efforts to make a difference.

Rhi – A Trip To Buckingham Palace

My first year at Blue Stag has been a busy one, but I’ve loved all of it. My favourite moment in 2017 was a royally big one. We were invited to Buckingham Palace for a meeting with the Pitch@Palace team… And I was pretty excited to actually get to go inside Buckingham Palace.

Heads up… The armed guards don’t like you taking selfies on the forecourt of the palace.

Pitch@Palace is an initiative founded by The Duke of York to support entrepreneurs with the development of their business ideas. Pitch@Palace connects some of the most innovative start-up businesses in the UK with potential investors and supporters, giving them a platform to share their vision and hopefully gain new business opportunities and investment.

Sebastian, our big blue stag, was instrumental in our first conversations with Pitch@Palace, as Prince Andrew and his team at Pitch@Palace took a shine to him when they came to Tramshed Tech for the Cardiff Pitch@Palace Event.

We have been working with the team around the People’s Choice Awards, and look forward to working with them further in the new year… Maybe another trip to the Palace will be on the cards, and hopefully I will get to meet the corgis this time!

Amy – Launching Give DIFFerently

Give DIFFerently is my favourite project this year because of the potential it has to change the lives of people living on the streets in Cardiff. It’s an issue that is often overlooked and ignored.

This campaign allows people to text/donate via a website, this money creates a fund and people can then apply for grants to help them leave the streets behind for good.

When this campaign launches I hope that it could facilitate real change, I love the visual of the campaign and just hope that people respond well to it when it goes live.

Kirsty – Wales Online Digital Awards

My highlight of 2017 was the Wales Online Digital Awards in June, where we managed to scoop the award for Best Digital Marketing Communication for the #NameOurShip project along with NERC.

It’s always great to see the team achieve recognition for our hard work and of course we jumped at the chance for a good celebration afterwards!

Paul – Team Science

A lot has happened at Blue Stag in 2017, so it’s actually quite difficult to take stock of everything and a pick a favourite moment!

However, a highlight of the year has to be the #TeamScience project that we worked on with the Science and Technology Facilities Council.

#TeamScience is a website with the goal of highlighting the skills shortage in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) careers in the UK and to show how parents and teachers can help to turn things around, whilst highlighting the qualities and benefits that a STEM career can bring to students.

The website is designed to engage a younger audience, with a bright colour palette, quirky animations and interactions, and yet remains clear in its message. I have hopes that the hard work that we have put into this project helps steer more students onto a STEM career path.

Liam – GlobalWelsh

The highlight of the year for me has been helping Blue Stag meet their film production goals with their GlobalWelsh campaign. As a filmmaker, I’ve always wanted to craft a piece that reflects my love for Wales and this was a great opportunity to flex.

Everything from the design, the website and film production proved to be a great multi-team collaboration integrating top quality video content into their site build and marketing materials. The project was well executed and it was a real pleasure working alongside such an innovative team like Blue Stag and we look forward to our relationship going into 2018.

Joe – #WeCanWeWill

Before joining We Make Film Happen back in March this year I never thought I’d have a chance to work on such exciting projects. This also includes being able to assist in producing such a wide array of films for Blue Stag. My most enjoyable moment of 2017 has to be creating the campaign video for Time To Change Wales. It gave us the chance to research and find out how to portray emotions and stories that people suffering from mental health issues had experienced.

Alex Peel wrote us a challenging yet heartwarming poem which we were able to creatively twist into a visual script. From this point, we location scouted and contacted various local businesses who then allowed us to shoot at these locations. Some of these included Cardiff Bus, The Riverfront Newport and Tramshed Tech. We even had the chance to film at magic hour at Wentwood forest!  We worked with some fantastic actors and creatives, such as actress, Paisley Fay Jackson. I’m really looking forward to creating more pieces like this. Bring on 2018!

Dan Sargent

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