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July 14, 2020

How digital can help fight against inequality

Paige Maguire
Paige Maguire
Stonewall - Fight against inequality

Over recent months the issue of inequality has been brought to light in many ways. The Black Lives Matter movement is, of course, something that everybody is talking about. In addition to Pride in June and the extensive inequalities shown in COVID19 statistics. As well as the marches and demonstrations on the streets, the fight against inequality in the digital world is just as important.

The conscious use of digital media and platforms is invaluable. It has fast dissemination of information and a very wide reach. Brands, companies, charities, and individuals can spread their important messages to huge audiences. There are so many digital campaigns fighting against inequality that we could explore, both currently and in previous years. These creative, informative digital campaigns need to be shared and celebrated. We have shortlisted eight examples of digital promoting equality for you, from anti-racism to LGBTQ+ rights.

Nike - Fight against inequality

For Once, Don’t Do It Nike

In response to the murder of George Floyd in America, Nike created a simple and effective piece of media that calls for everyone to be part of the change.

“Don’t pretend there’s not a problem in America. Don’t turn your back on racism. Don’t accept innocent lives being taken from us. Don’t make any more excuses. Don’t think this doesn’t affect you. Don’t sit back and be silent.” #UntilWeAllWin.

These simple series of statements on a black background hit home. The clarity of the design and message is so bold, it is hard to ignore. This video has almost 900,000 views on YouTube and widely shared across social media. It received praise from users who are happy to see Nike join the fight against inequality and speaking out. Showing that digital doesn’t always need to be extravagant to have an impact, it needs to be meaningful. If your approach is transparent, important and necessary, people will hear the message loud and clear. And of course, spread to thousands in just a few clicks!

#ItsEveryonesJourney - Fight Against Inequality
The Department of Transport - UK Govt.

#ItsEveryonesJourney The Department of Transport

Next, we have the microsite for the Department of Transport’s #ItsEveryonesJourney. They are aiming to help disabled people travel with confidence, safely and for no extra cost.

The microsite collates all the information you could need into one online space. A key aim of the campaign is to champion equal access and fair treatment for all on public transport. #ItsEveryonesJourney raises awareness around actions that have a negative impact on disabled passengers. The microsite is a purposeful digital space targeted at both disabled people themselves and those who want to help.

OkCupid - Fight Against Equality
Betzy Arosemena (Unsplash)

#AllyOfLove OkCupid

OkCupid is the first dating app to introduce twenty-two genders and thirteen orientation options. This year, they celebrated pride with a digital campaign called #AllyOfLove. True champions for equality in the world of sexuality, gender, and beliefs.

The International dating app launched this campaign during Pride month. This campaign urges millennial India to be loud and proud of what they believe in and who they are. The video is a dynamic show of solidarity with love of all kinds. In a “Never Have I Ever” style video, OkCupid encapsulates acceptance with no limits.

A global pandemic has forced distance, but this campaign means they can voice their support as an #AllyOfLove. Presented in a Zoom-style setting adds relatability while still being informative. It supports the fight for equality by highlighting the delight that comes from diversity. As well as the real-life limits that are still imposed on different types of marriage.

Absolut - Fight Against Equality

Sex Responsibly – Absolut

On Valentine’s Day this year, Absolut launched the campaign “Drink Responsibly. #Sex Responsibly”. With the hashtag #StillNotAYes, a discussion surrounding consent in the lead up to International Women’s Day.

Absolut ran this campaign with the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN). The aim, to raise awareness and get rid of ambiguities in the bedroom. Influencers shared videos of their personal stories on Instagram using #StillNotAYes. Helping to inform and involve the social media world and the younger generation about consent. Using relatable circumstances like “Netflix and chill”, is an intuitive way of encouraging everyone to be a little safer.

International Women's Day - Fight Against Equality

Behind The Mac – Apple

Apple used digital to fight against inequality with their International Women’s Day “Behind The Mac” campaign.

This video honours inspirational women behind the screens of their Apple computers. Those featured include education activist Malala, director Greta Gerwig, Alicia Keys and Lady Gaga. From different backgrounds and careers, varying from soldiers to mothers. This is a campaign piece that promotes the power of women. Set to Beyonce’s song “Flawless Feat. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie”. It features extracts of Chimamanda’s 2017 TED Talk about feminism. The video lists the stereotypes women are expected to conform to, whilst visually portraying that there are no boundaries.

Using pre-existing photos, each image shows the women bringing their ideas to life, whether that be at home or in work mode. A real salute to women and girls everywhere – inspiring them to work towards a limitless future.

History of Racial Injustice - Fight Against Equality
Max Bender (Unsplash)

A History of Racial Injustice – Equal Justice Initiative

This powerful microsite features a calendar, setting out racial injustices that have happened in history on every single day of the year.

The Equal Justice Initiative is a not for profit organisation founded in the late 80s. Initially, they provided legal representation for people illegally convicted or unfairly sentenced. Since then, it has grown to fight against a multitude of injustices in America’s Criminal Justice System. Their microsite not only educates people about the initiative but also the injustices experienced and how they can help.

The most positive aspect of digital is clear, it makes finding information easy. Accessibility for such an important and current cause is so important. With a call to action “Help confront our history” next to each date and the option to share the injustice on social, encourages people to face up and talk.

Campaign Zero - Fight Against Equality
Campaign Zero

Campaign Zero

Campaign Zero supports the fight against police brutality in the USA. The movement is calling for a limit on police interventions. As well as improving community interaction and ensuring accountability.

The site features contributions from activists, protesters and researchers across the USA. Pulling together extensive research in one virtual space. This resource platform allows you to educate yourself on how police violence can be stopped and how you can be part of the change.

The problem is laid out with visuals and graphs allowing visitors to understand the extent of it. With the resulting conclusion that police brutality is a real problem in America, especially for black people.

Events in 2020 have made us more aware of than ever before. This website allowing people to understand the problem and then get involved. Showcasing that taking a stand against racism can be done in so many ways.

Stonewall - Fight Against Equality

Come Out For LGBT – Stonewall

For their first new campaign in ten years, Stonewall launched the “Come Out For LGBT” campaign in 2017.

Stonewall empowers individuals, transforming institutions, winning over hearts and minds, as well as shaping laws. This three-year campaign encourages the British public to show their support for the LGBTQ+ community. Telling the audience to come out sharing, talking, working, dancing, playing and more. It’s an all-inclusive call for everyone to speak up for acceptance. Springing people into action, no matter how big or small, the digital campaign spanned social media. Including celebrity faces, it’s a simple and vocal way of urging others to become allies of the LGBTQ+ community.

From websites to videos, social media to microsites, it’s clear that digital can be a force for good. It’s been used to stand up for what’s right, spreading messages far and wide to fight against inequality! A multi-purpose, multi-format phenomenon. And it’s only getting bigger!

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