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May 31, 2021

Blue Stag Selects: May 2021


Welcome to Blue Stag Selects: May edition, where we serve up some of the most inspiring and interesting stories we have seen each month.

Celebrating and showcasing the innovative work that is shaping and influencing our culture today, May Selects include …

Hello Monday

Learn fingerspelling through machine learning

An interactive tool created by Hello Monday and the American Society for Deaf Children to make it easier for deaf children and their parents to learn the ABC in American Sign Language.

Since 1967, the American Society for Deaf Children has been supporting parents of children who are deaf and hard of hearing. We believe that deafness is not a disability, but language deprivation is. That’s why it’s our mission to ensure that every deaf child can learn sign language from the very start is a delightful and functional use of technology which aims to make the lives of people who are deaf or hard of hearing, better. The Fingerspelling online game uses machine learning with the hope of provide families with the building blocks for signed language. 

Technology such as this is vital to society. This tool can incentivize hearing parents and families to teach themselves and their children the fundamentals of ASL. The American Society of Deaf Children states that 90% of deaf or hard of hearing children are born to hearing parents. This tool can break down barriers and empower children by giving them the vital skills they need in order to communicate with their surroundings.

Here’s our very own Nathan having a go, take a look at the website and give it a go yourself.

Cephas Williams

The world I want to see

This project is a collaboration between Clear Channel, Cephas Williams (speaker and photographer) and Mind in Hammersmith, Fulham, Ealing and Hounslow in which eight Black boys from London write an open letter to their older selves about the world they want to see. 

The World I Want to See’ is a collection of letters from Black boys in London published one year on from the murder of George Floyd. The series is inspired by ‘Letter to Zion’ – a public letter Cephas wrote to his son born during the George Floyd protests. The letter expresses a father’s hopes and dreams for his son’s future. It’s been featured on billboards across the country, alongside an image of Cephas cradling his newborn son in his shirt.  

The letters are addressed to the boys’ future selves, and were written in workshops exploring Cephas’s struggles and successes as a young black man growing up in London. In writing the letters, the boys were given space to explore and process their thoughts and feelings, particularly in light of the pandemic and the traumatic murder of George Floyd. 

There’s an effortlessly brutal honesty about the letters – just young Black boys laying out their lived experience in their own words. It’s a powerful way of forcing us to confront their reality, and the world we have all had a part in making for them. The images are equally powerful in their simplicity, honesty and directness – almost daring the viewer to deny the truth behind the eyes looking back at them. 

But, though the campaign is confronting, it is hopeful too. It is anchored in the future, and searches for solutions to the injustices it spells out so vividly. It underlines the responsibility we all have to create the world these boys deserve, and inspires us to make it happen. 

Cards for Humanity (Idean)

Unique 3D works of art

Lawrence Ferguson has taken TikTok by storm with his unique 3D art creations made from rice. With the moniker ‘The Rice Artist’ he has racked up millions of views in this latest viral trend.

Art can take many forms and in this instance, it’s rice. Lawrence Ferguson was bored during the COVID lockdown and decided to try and create something. Calling on his artistic background he began to experiment with rice and food colouring to create these interesting 3D images using rice. He has created many different images from the likes of Mickey Mouse to Johnny Cash. Since starting this endeavor he has created over 100 pieces of rice-throwing art with a design like Spongebob Squarepants taking a couple of hours and lyric videos taking 5-10 minutes per word. 

One of his pieces he created with the lyrics from Busta Rhymes’s song ‘Look at me now’ racked up over 18 million views and caught the attention of Busta Rhymes himself.

Take a look at his work on TikTok @TheRiceArtist

Greenpeace promo
Studio Birthplace

Greenpeace promo rubbishes politicians’ plastic promises

Greenpeace and Studio Birthplace launched its latest ad, ‘Wasteminster’, which trashes the British government over its hollow words toward stemming a rising tide of plastic waste. 

‘Wasteminster’ holds nothing back in its criticisms of prime minister Boris Johnson, who is portrayed as a floundering caricature in front of the world’s media while pontificating on the issue.

Created by Studio Birthplace, the comedic campaign then adopts a more somber tone as it segues to an unidentified overseas landfill site where plastic waste ostensibly earmarked for recycling is routinely dumped and burned – with devastating consequences for the environment.

The message around plastic waste and its effect on the environment isn’t a new one, yet Greenpeace and Studio Birthplace have found a unique way to get the message across. 

It’s a combination of creativity and satire that results in a hard-hitting and sobering message. 

We each have an important role to play in reversing the effects we are having on the environment. That includes this Conservative Government and Mr. Johnson. 


Googles' Best Things

Discover the best things for everything

Hook, a Creative Production Agency for ads and branded content, based in LA, America have teamed up with Google to launch a slick new microsite shortlisting the top 1000 products online.

Google’s Best Things for Everything site features the internet’s top 1,000 rated products. Browse and find inspiration for your next purchase no matter what you’re interested in. It has won a site of the day on, because of the fun drag and explore based shopping experience. You can either look for inspiration in the ‘everything’ search, or filter your search down into different best things e.g. hair and beauty or electronics.

Of course it’s great because it is Google, the user interface is very simple and intuitive to use, sticking with Google’s usual aesthetic. The mixture of content between photography with statements and specific product shots means that the inspiration for discovering products is endless. E.g. For your musical ambitions vs. Headphones. Once you click on a product, it shows you the top rated product, but also a range of other top rated products from different stores at different price points which you might be interested in.

The beautifully designed website, perfect for the casual shopper looking for inspiration. This experience makes shopping different brands so much easier and even better that these are the top rated, rather than spending hours searching for reviews on different websites.


An advertising column designed to clean polluted city air

Cleantech company Pluvo has partnered with advertising company Kinetic to roll out its flagship product, the Pluvo Column across the UK.

This groundbreaking technology can clean one cubic metre of air every second. Through a combination of filtering techniques, it claims to clean up to 99% of harmful particulate matter from the air, including noxious gases and airborne viruses.

With shocking statistics such as a normal day’s exposure to London air can the equivalent of smoking 15 cigarettes (King’s College, University Of London) it’s clear that Pluvo are onto something.

Similar to the ‘Boris Bikes’, Pluvo sells the advertising space on the 11-foot columns in order to pay for its installation and upkeep. With the aim of installing these columns in high-traffic areas in pollution hotspots where it is most effective, this column can be a brilliant solution to the ever increasing air pollution in our cities. With advertisers sponsoring the columns, funding for the devices takes care of itself. Companies can advertise and  show they care about environmental issues. It’s not just another box on the street, this can have real impact.

Dujiangyan Zhongshuge

Paradise for bookworms

X-Living – Founded by Chinese architect Li i Xiang. X-Liviving is an International architectural design company that pursues the perfect integration of artistic aesthetics and practical functions.

Introducing one of the most beautiful and mind-bending bookstores, Dujiangyan Zhongshuge located in Chengdu, China. X-Living took inspiration from M.C. Escher’s woodcuts to create beautiful patterns and illusions through the aid of arches and mirrored ceilings. This is an ornamental space, designed to produce ideological inspiration and create value. The space is filled completely with books or in inaccessible places, book patterned film which enhances the magnificence of the space. This flips the idea of what a bookstore can be on its head. 

Here, we see a city. We listen to the dialogue between culture and wisdom, interpret the cultural thoughts condensed under the historical context, experience the ancient feelings with a poetic flavor, and realize the dream picture hidden in mind.”

Bookstores all tend to follow the same format but this is something else. You could spend hours in that store and you would barely register the time passing. It’s so easy to access everything online these days and with being locked down for over a year, having places like this in the world is wonderful. Shut the computers down, turn off the phone and grab a coffee from the cafe, pick up a book and soak up the atmosphere. Take a moment to breathe and most importantly, slow down. 

Thanks for reading Blue Stag Selects: May! If you’d like to catch up on last month’s here’s Blue Stag Selects: April. Check back next month for our next selection of inspiring and interesting stories from around the world.

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