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July 2, 2021

Blue Stag Selects: June 2021


Welcome to Blue Stag Selects: June edition, where we serve up some of the most inspiring and interesting stories we have seen each month.

Celebrating and showcasing the innovative work that is shaping and influencing our culture today, June Selects include …

Ragged Edge

A not so secret society get an Illuminati style rebrand

Reveal, a groundbreaking tech company has had a bold new brand, which flips the conventions of secret society language and iconography on their heads.

Reveal is a Paris based software tech company. Their technology allows companies all over the world to easily and securely compare their client intelligence, join forces to collaborate on bigger, more ambitious deals. Their philosophy is challenging the secrecy around business and encouraging people to collaborate and grow together – a ‘who shares wins’ ideology.

They worked with Ragged Edge to develop a new brand that has a distinctly Illuminati style feel, but flips the conventions of secret society language and iconography on its heads, and repositions them as depictions of collaboration and transparency. The brand airs on the side of weirdness, reflecting the almost utopian vision of the organisation and it is a very different and refreshingly unusual B2B brand style.

We love the boldness of the brand style in a very corporate market, typically, B2B organisations are more conservative with their branding. But Ragged Edge and Reveal have gone against the grain and created a really interesting and quirky brand, which really aligns with the organisational goals and ambitions.

It was really clever to flip the secret society visuals on their head because that is exactly what Reveal is trying to break down, the secrecy around business. So taking ownership of those icons and language is so effective.

Also the illustrations produced by Itmar Mckay are absolutely beautiful and we want them as posters!

Work & Co/Metropolitan Transportation Authority/Transit Innovation Partnership

Redesigning the New York City subway map

The Live Subway Map, developed by Work & Co, is an interactive map of New York’s ever-evolving transport network, showing where the trains are in real-time. 

Travelling on New York’s subway can be a complicated business, especially for the unfamiliar. There’s lots of bewildering signage, and notices with paragraphs of text detailing complex service alterations. And you’ll need to figure all this out in a bustling, noisy environment, surrounded by hundreds of people who aren’t famous for their patience. 

Step forward Work & Co, a super-talented digital product agency. Working closely with the relevant authorities, they’ve created a beautifully simple digital solution. The live map shows and hides just the right amount of detail to help people find where they need to go. It even shows where the trains are in real-time, so you can see exactly how long you’ve got to finish up that coffee. 

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, they’ve added the locations of vaccination services too, along with details of how to book appointments. 

The site looks so simple, but you know that’s because they’ve worked really hard to take care of all the complexity for you. 

It effortlessly combines navigation information with service updates in a way that just gives the user what they need, when they need it. With a simple pinch to zoom, you can get information about station names, entrances and street locations. 

And they’ve done all this pro-bono, for the benefit of the society they live in. Their solution will help millions of people find their way around one of the world’s most exciting cities, and that’s a pretty cool thing to do. 


Mama Joyce Peppa Sauce

Some like it hot

Pushing the boundaries of what we expect a website to be, Mama Joyce Peppa Sauce’s website feels like a billboard rather than an ecommerce site.

Mama Joyce Peppa Sauce has a neat little website, created by Vaan Group that has strong typography, color and grids. The checkout is slick – effectively the whole site is just one big buy now button. There’s no mistaking that this website is all about the sauce. 

What makes this great is that not all websites have to follow the same old design patterns. This website is selling literally one product and they have smashed it. 

Websites can be simple and delightful and still be successful. 

Check it out

Yinka Ilori/British Red Cross

Celebrating acts of kindness with colour

Acclaimed artist Yinka Ilori MBE partners with the British Red Cross to create a mural celebrating the acts of kindness we see each day. 

Covid-19 has taken a lot from everyone, but what it hasn’t taken away is kindness. Each day during the pandemic we witnessed little acts of kindness from buying groceries for an elderly neighbour, clapping for the hardworking NHS on your doorstep to setting up digital meetings to battle loneliness. Each act regardless of size has made a massive difference to people’s lives over the last year or so. 

To celebrate these little moments, the British Red Cross has partnered with Yinka Ilori MBE to create a beautiful and eye-catching mural in Shoreditch, London. Yinka hopes that his mural will bring a bit of joy to the busy area and re-inforce these acts of kindness we witnessed and to keep the momentum going.

“My work has always been about community and about inclusivity. In art and design, making art spaces inclusive is the gateway to making people belong. The British Red Cross make people feel like they belong, that they have a voice that is listened to and heard. It was an absolute honour to be approached by the charity and to be a part of their amazing legacy on communities.” said Ilori.

Not only is this mural gorgeous, it is also powerful. Spreading a bit of hope, love and joy is never a bad thing and we think murals like this should be everywhere. Kindness costs nothing.

Yinka’s is an absolute master of colour, you can see some more of his work below as well as checking him out on his website here. The mural will be open to the public until 4th July in Shoreditch, East London. 


Recycled bottles get a second life as Lego bricks

Lego has created its first prototype bricks using recycled PET plastic from discarded bottles, as part of the Danish company’s drive to make all of its products from sustainable materials by 2030.

Lego developed prototype bricks made from polyethylene terephthalate (rPET), a common thermoplastic used for products such as bottles and clothing. Lego produces around 20 billion bricks and other pieces per year and so being able to move their business over to a more sustainable model is critical.

“We’re committed to playing our part in building a sustainable future for generations of children. We want our products to have a positive impact on the planet, not just with the play they inspire, but also with the materials we use.” said Lego.

It’s inspiring to see such a large producer of plastics acknowledge that their business needs to be more sustainable – and to see them commit to a sustainable future. We all remember hearing about the shipping containers and the lego bricks washing up on our shores and it’s great to see them aiming to reduce the impact that their products have on the environment.

Thanks for reading Blue Stag Selects: June! If you’d like to catch up on last month’s here’s Blue Stag Selects: May. Check back next month for our next selection of inspiring and interesting stories from around the world.

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