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July 29, 2020

Blue Stag Selects: July

Eva Münnich's Flower Ladies - Blue Stag Selects July

Welcome to Blue Stag Selects: July edition, where we serve up some of the most inspiring and interesting stories we have seen each month.

Celebrating and showcasing the innovative work that is shaping and influencing our culture today, July Selects include sassy dancing 3D flower ladies, a powerful anti-racism campaign and a tool to measure website carbon footprints.

Inside the mind of a hacker

Hacking is a hot topic at the moment, with the recent Twitter bitcoin scam hacks, hacking is on everyone’s mind. But hacking isn’t only used for crime and corruption, there is a large network of hackers working to protect sites and databases from attacks. Bugcrowd has the largest and most experienced team of hackers around the world, working on bug bounty, vulnerability disclosure, and next-gen pen test programs.

Each year, Bugcrowd produces an annual report, one of the deepest dives into hacking and the economics of security research. In this year’s report, they claim the Bugcrowd platform will help to prevent more than $55B of cybercrime before 2025!

This annual report microsite by Bugcrowd is a great example of using digital to promote an annual report. The narrative and design of this microsite is a fantastic user experience, the animations really add to the story, it just feels so well thought out.

Eva Münnich - Flower Ladies - Blue Stag Selects July
Eva Münnich

Flower ladies show off their kickz and 90s dance moves

Eva Münnich is a London based Animator/Illustrator known for her cute 2D/3D characters. Rather than waiting for her ideal client brief to come in, she decided to set herself the brief… A character-based sneaker commercial.

*Enter the Flower Ladies*. In this fun, colourful and joy-bringing 3D animation, these sassy flowers show off their kickz and 90s dance moves. These characters come from Eva taking part in the Pictoplasma Academy workshop last year, starting their journey as clay models. Once Robin Keast, Eva’s boyfriend and talented animator saw the figures in clay, he wanted to take them to 3D animation.

The animation has been selected for this year’s Pictoplasma Festival, which is taking place on 18-19 September 2020 – all online – all for free. The festival has an amazing line-up of speakers, so it’s worth pencilling in your diary.

Chinh Le Duc (Unsplash)
Chinh Le Duc (Unsplash)

Long exposure sparkler photography hack

If you are interested in a bit of long-exposure photography, why not give this awesome long exposure sparkler photography hack a go? This Tiktok video shows you how to look like you’ve stepped into the Harry Potter set and get a photo of a lightning bolt shooting out of your hands like you’re mid-fight with Voldemort.

What you’ll need for this trick is a tripod, a camera with exposure settings, a pack or two of sparklers and some friends. When it’s dark, set up your camera and tripod, use a long exposure on your camera. You’ll need one person posing for the shot, one or two people with sparklers (depending on the amount of lightning you want to shoot out of your hands) and finally a person manning the camera.

The creator of this TikTok is Shadzii, a London based photographer. He regularly posts tutorials and tips for photography, so worth a follow if you’re a budding photographer. He also has a rather beautiful feed of images which are with a scroll through.

Catherine Machin - Blue Stag Selects - July
Catherine Machin

Glow in the dark astro paintings

Catherine Machin is a Deep space artist and science communicator. Four and a half years ago she quit her job as a video game executive producer & now works full time making glow in the dark astro paintings.

Cat’s work is phenomenal, using a black canvas for all of her work and applying oil paints and phosphorescent pigments to bring celestial bodies to life. Her technique of bold strokes and smooth gradients lends itself to communicating the flow, density and luminosity of nebulas, stars and planets.

We all see the beautiful images that Nasa release of the nebulas and other objects in space but Cat recreates those using paint and they are so realistic, they look like the photos. Her work is beautifully realistic and awe-inspiring . Her creations can take anywhere from one month to six months to complete and seeing the detail and scale of her work, you can see why.

Space is a fascinating subject and it’s amazing to see it showcased through the medium of paint. Even using glow-in-the-dark paint adds an extra dimension to her work which makes it all the more beautiful.

Carbon Calculator - Blue Stag Selects July
Wholegrain Digital

Calculate the carbon footprints of websites

As our society becomes more aware of our impact on the planet, from our use of cars to our plastic pollution. But not many people are aware of the environmental impact browsing the internet has on the planet. Wholegrain digital have built a tool that inspires and educates people to create a zero-carbon internet.

Paste a URL into the carbon calculator it and it shows you:

  • How much CO2 is produced every time someone visits that web page.
  • Shows the type of energy the server runs on
  • The amount of carbon vs how many trees are needed to absorb it
  • And lots of other ‘not so fun’ facts

The more aware we all are of how our everyday actions are having an environmental impact will hopefully inspire change and action to make the world a greener and healthier place. There is a growing sustainable development community that is sharing resources that are enabling people to create a greener, more sustainable web.

Voice of racism - Blue Stag Selects July

The voice of racism

Racism has been a problem for a long time, but it has become increasingly more prominent across the globe with the rise of the BLM movement. The New Zealand based Human Rights Commission has been running the Give Nothing to Racism campaign since 2017 to combat racism. This month, they have launched a new microsite ‘Voice of Racism’ as part of the campaign.

The microsite is an immersive experience of spoken racist comments, such as “go back to where you came from” and “you’re taking all the jobs”. Oscar-winning filmmaker and actor, Taika Waititi, has voiced the comments made to New Zealanders. These comments have been brought to life through 3D animations of a shape of a face appearing in waves. The range of comments aims to make people question their own prejudices and behaviours, as some may not realise what they are saying is racist.

The website was designed and built by Assembly and Clemenger BBDO Wellington. The website has been entered to Awwwards and voting is currently open if you’d like to have your vote on the site.

Thanks for reading Blue Stag Selects: July! If you’d like to catch up on last month’s here’s Blue Stag Selects: June. Check back next month for our next selection of inspiring and interesting stories from around the world.

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