Won't be a jiffy

Hutchings & Thomas

Modernising the brand, and creating a user focused website, which also provides flexible management.

The Brief

Hutchings & Thomas wanted to update its image to align it with the company’s strategic goals, as their existing brand was no longer appropriate for a modern audience. The company’s long-standing history and reputation remained central to the brand identity, so it was essential that the new brand maintained links to the existing one.

We worked closely with Hutchings & Thomas to define the brand position, identify the company’s USPs and create a strong but flexible branding system, as well as a more user-friendly digital solution for its customers.


Modernising the brand while maintaining its heritage.


Making it easy for users to find property.

Property Management

Creating a powerful property management system.

The Visual Identity

The new logo incorporates the recognisable elements of the original, combining the existing brand personality while modernising and creating a consistent strong design.

The identity consists of a compass design, which is dually used as a plus symbol, instead of the traditional ampersand. This provides a recognisable logo mark that is used as a constant visual key, tying all branded material together.

Flexibility was central in the development of the new Hutchings & Thomas brand, as it needed to be applied to a variety of branded material; including corporate stationary, company folders, promotional gifts, property boards and brochures.

Easy to Use Property Search

Hutchings & Thomas required a modern, user friendly digital solution to allow customers to browse properties.

We focused on the user experience when plotting out the new site, understanding the user aims enabled us to create a design that brought the most relevant and appropriate results to the surface.

Property Management, Made Easy

Using our own Content Management System, Social Suitcase, we were able to build a property management application for Hutchings & Thomas.

This would allow staff to manage their own properties within the website and keep all content up to date.

It also enabled us to cater to the needs of the audience, creating unique modules for the website to enhance the user experience.