Won't be a jiffy

Brooklands Monmouth

Establishing a brand, literature and digital presence that replicated the luxury new development and the beauty of the countryside.

Branding Stunning New England Style Homes

Brooklands Monmouth is a brand new stunning development of three outstanding New England style homes, and the Brooklands House, a superb five bedroom family home, located in an exceptional woodland setting nestling in the heart of Monmouth.

To promote the new luxury development, we were asked to establish a brand and a digital presence that would showcase the beautiful area and the new buildings to potential home buyers.


Promoting a lifestyle, not only a home.


Showcasing quality and personality.


Creating a unique identity for each property.

Taking Inspiration from the Welsh Countryside

The heart of Monmouth is surrounded by some of the most beautiful countryside in Wales and it was one of the main selling points of the new development.

To reflect the surrounding countryside, as well as the premium quality of the new development, we wanted the brand identity to draw on three key features - woodland, rustic and quality.

We created an identity system that enabled us to give each property its own identity while building a consistent brand style.

Each property was assigned a unique leaf icon and colour, which was then applied throughout the relevant materials for that property, including the property renders and animation. The colours were applied subtly through furnishings and appliances to give each property a slightly distinctive look.

Reaching Homebuyers

We created a series of promotional literature, which were produced as high quality prints to ensure the luxury aspect of the brand was communicated. The rustic woodland theme and subtle property identities featured throughout the different literature to ensure consistency across all material, both printed and digital.

We worked with Buzzbox to create 3D renders of the properties, this gave the audience a true feel for the development and showcased the luxury brand values.