Won't be a jiffy


2nd November 2016

How Brands Are Adopting Virtual Personalities...

Are Alexa, Siri and Cortana becoming the future for brands' developing AI assistants with virtual personalities?

Louisa MarsdenLouisa Marsden
12th October 2016

To emoji or not to emoji 🤔

Emoji. We all know what they are, but how and why are brands capitalising on this millennial-led trend?

Louisa MarsdenLouisa Marsden
21st September 2016

World Peace Day - Campaigns Can Make a Difference

In light of World Peace Day, we have picked some of our favourite campaigns that have aimed to address issues from around the world.

Rhi LeedamRhi Leedam
1st September 2016

Gem... Using Design for Good

Design has the ability to convey a message of importance that words are sometimes unable to achieve. Gem has been created to promote using design and digital for good, the first campaign aims to raise money for Mind and create meaningful conversation around mental health, using design.

Louisa MarsdenLouisa Marsden