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8th June 2018

Our Fun Formative Fix... Lessons we took away from OFFF

We went to OFFF in Barcelona this year, and it was offing brilliant. OFFF is a three-day design conference, which takes place across Europe and this month took place in Barcelona.

Rhi LeedamRhi Leedam
1st June 2018

Rebranding Pontypool RFC for their 150th Year Anniversary

This year marks the 150th year anniversary of Pontypool RFC, and we have had the pleasure of working with them to on the club’s rebrand to honour the their rich history.

Rhi LeedamRhi Leedam
27th March 2018

Give DIFFerently

Give DIFFerently is changing the way people donate to tackle homelessness in Cardiff. We are very proud to have been part of the campaign, designing the creative and the collateral which can be seen dotted around Cardiff.

Rhi LeedamRhi Leedam
7th February 2018

Team Spirit Conference 2018

We went to help England Athletics with their first ever Team Spirit Conference in Birmingham, which celebrated their volunteers and all of their hard work.

Rhi LeedamRhi Leedam