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21st September 2016

World Peace Day - Campaigns Can Make a Difference

Rhi LeedamRhi Leedam

In light of World Peace Day, we wanted to share some pretty awesome campaigns that have aimed to address social issues all over the world. Here are some of our favourites…

Security Moms

Agency: Ogilvy Brasil
Client: Sport Clube do Recife

D&AD White Pencil Winner

Football can be a heated topic, and in Brazil it was like molten lava, resulting in severe violence, with the world’s highest level of football related injuries and deaths. The authorities had tried everything, but the hooligans could not be controlled by anyone, or could they?

The campaign invited the mothers of 33 hooligans to help do the security for the most violent game of the season. No one wants to fight in front of a mother, especially your own. The results were amazing… there was no violence and there were even some tears.

Everything Is Not Awesome

Agency: Don't Panic London
Client: Greenpeace

D&AD White Pencil Winner

Greenpeace, as part of their Save the Arctic campaign, wanted Lego to end its partnership with Shell. An arctic Lego landscape, with lots of cute arctic animals, happy Inuit people, and even Santa and his elves, is slowly flooded with the oil from Shell’s oil rig. The video aimed to appeal to Lego enthusiasts, environmentalists, millennials and their parents, and the YouTube generation.

The ‘Everything is not awesome’ video quickly went viral, millions of views led to over a million petition signatures and it made headlines all over the world. Three months later, LEGO announced it would end its 50-year-long, $60 million partnership with Shell.

One World Hero

Students: Simone Wärme Klara and Vilshammer Christiansen
Organisation: WWF

D&AD New Blood White Pencil Winner

It isn’t only the large agencies and campaigns that can make a difference. Simone Wärme Klara and Vilshammer Christiansen won a D&AD New-Blood white pencil for their One World Hero campaign. One World Hero is a badass, foul-mouthed vigilante with anger issues, who cares about the little things we can all do to help save our world.

Attempting to make young people aware of their impact on the planet, and lower their environmental footprint, the two students used comedic videos and a website to get more information about how to save the world, or download the app. Encouraging people to share their everyday acts which made them a #oneworldhero on Instagram, which is integrated into the website. Saving the world isn’t so daunting when we are all a one world hero. Click here to see the full campaign video.

McWhopper / Peace Day Burger

Agency: Turner Duckworth / Y&R New Zealand
Client: Burger King

D&AD White Pencil Winner

Last year, Burger King published an open letter proposing a ‘burger wars’ ceasefire with longstanding rival McDonald’s. BK proposed the two restaurants join forces to create a symbolic mash-up burger, The McWhopper, to be served on UN Peace Day. The proposal was met by frenzied public support, but McDonalds said ‘NO’… Boooo (N). In light of Maccy D’s being a scrooge, tens of thousands of people took matters into their own hands by creating and sharing DIY McWhoppers. 

Meanwhile, four other competitors raised their hands for peace and together with BK created and served the historic ‘Peace Day Burger’ on Peace Day. The campaign trended worldwide on Facebook and Twitter. It featured on nearly every major media channel, achieving over 7.6 billion impressions, more than USD$144 million in earned media, and a substantial 40% increase in Peace Day awareness. The results were overwhelming etc.

Campaigns can be used to confront social issues, change perceptions and ultimately make a difference... And we like that.