Won't be a jiffy
15th June 2017

It's our 9th birthday, so here are 9 things you probably didn't know about us...

Rhi LeedamRhi Leedam

It’s our 9th birthday this month! In light of the 9 years we have been in existence, we thought we would share 9 things you probably don't know about Blue Stag…


Numero uno...

When choosing the name for the company, we decided to combine our love for animals and colours, but which one?! Obviously the only way to make this important decision was to pick a colour out of one hat and an animal out of another.



Our #NameOurShip campaign with NERC was our first campaign to reach 1 billion people. Who knew that naming a research ship would prove so popular?!



The founders of Blue Stag, Dan and Matt, met at university when they were young whipper snappers… Look how cute they were!



Collectively in the office, we are scared of spiders, balloons and pigeons.



Blue Stag was founded in 2008, the same year as… The Large Hadron Collider, the biggest scientific experiment in the history of mankind was powered up and Barack Obama was elected as president of the United States



Last year, we changed the Blue Stag blue and Sebastian the Stag even got a new coat.



In our office, we have a designated nerf gun firing range and Sassy Stag is our target, except some cheeky monkeys go rogue and no one is safe.



Dan's love for smoked almonds and coffee now means he goes by the name of ‘Almond Guy’ at Starbucks.



From Site of the Day Awwwards, to a Silver Lovie... We have won 15 awards for our work on campaigns and website projects.