Won't be a jiffy
15th October 2015

Virgin Media Pioneers - Impatience is a Virtue

Dan SargentDan Sargent

We were asked to take part in the Virgin Media Pioneers Project, which involved bringing a young person under our wing for a few weeks.

The point of the exercise was to help develop their skillset for their chance to organise and stage an event at the Royal Opera House in conjunction with Virgin Media.

We are always up for anything that champion’s creativity and innovation and so we were more than happy to get involved.

There were 100 Pioneers in total and, at the end of their work experience, each pioneer was evaluated and 10 lucky ones were chosen by Sir Richard Branson to form ‘The Project’ team.

We were excited to see what the Pioneers were capable of and how they would deal with the pressure of putting on such a big gig.

They didn’t disappoint. They managed to book The Noisettes, Tanya Lacey, Nathan Flutebox Lee, Blizzard, George The Poet, Rikstar and Suli Breaks.

Here was the result.

It was great to be able to work with such talented young people and we’d like to extend a big well done to the 10 lucky pioneers who managed to pull it all together.

For any other young people interested in taking part and becoming a Virgin Media Pioneer in the future, you can find more information here