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2nd November 2015

Valley Mill - Behind the Scenes

Dan SargentDan Sargent

Our work for Valley Mill was recently featured in Packaging of the World so we thought that we’d do a little write up on the project.

Valley Mill specialises in creating high quality Welsh slate products as well as other contemporary goods for the home. They approached us with the task of rebuilding their existing brand image and as ever, we were well up for the challenge.

It was important that the rebrand harnessed the integrity of the brand and complimented the high quality and organic nature of the products they provide.

We brought together a number of creative disciplines to rebrand Valley Mill for a modern audience. Here are the results.

Brand Identity

Product & Packaging Design

Web Design


The Blue Stag. The stag, the myth, the legend. An ancient marvel or inhabitant of the deepest, darkest welsh countryside? For years and years, the question has been left unanswered.

As the foliage continues to thicken, we thought it time to explore the legendary myth and uncover the truth about the majestic Blue Stag once and for all. So, we travelled to the depths of the Welsh countryside – planting cameras along the way to catch a glimpse of this magnificent creature...

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