Won't be a jiffy
23rd April 2019

Our Report from It Will Glow: Fool's Paradise

Dan SargentDan Sargent

Blue Stag were beyond excited to partner with It Will Glow for their second event: Fool's Paradise. The event took place in front of a packed house at Cardiff’s depot and explored fantastical lands, unwritten realms and improbable inspiration and delved into the world-building elements of creativity with the help of Animation Director Sophie Koko Gate, Filmmaker Duncan Cowles and Multi-disciplinary Creative Rachel Clancy.

Each speaker explored their process, the worlds they’d created and what drives them to make their work. Whilst each speaker worked in a different discipline, there were unifying themes throughout their talks: that you should do the work you want in order to be satisfied, that you should follow your instinct and that the most exciting stuff comes from finding your own path and using your passions as a launching pad. Essentially - stop worrying and do!

Sophie’s approach to this idea was to encourage us to follow our sense of expression of wonder, even if it took us to bizarre and far-out places, Duncan urged us to roll with the punches and to express ourselves and Rachel advised us to search for our passions and act on them. We learned that creativity can be something you do for yourself too, it isn’t about money or possessions or getting you to a certain point - just an outlet for what you love.

It was great to see a mix of ages and groups show up for the event: there were lecturers, students, people from the design industry, hobbyists and people who weren’t involved in design at all. It’s fantastic to that such a diverse mix were all game to expand their minds and together we were able to put the brakes on a fast-moving industry, ease into the beginning of the long Easter weekend and ignite some creative sparks.

Alongside the speakers, we were treated to the sounds of the talented, ‘80s-indebted IVERSEN, who brought their chic soundscapes to the proceedings. The other senses were tickled too, as Tiny Rebel provided us with their beautifully brewed beer, Mr Croquewich served up some sumptuous street food and Candy Kittens hooked up attendees with bags of vegan-friendly sweetness. Awesome Merch were also on-hand with some specially-made Glow gear, gifting punters with one-of-a-kind totes for the occasion.

To end proceedings whilst preparing for the future, it was announced that Cardiff Design Festival will be making a return after a 6 year break this October! Cardiff’s creative scene goes from strength-to-strength so we're stoked to see where this next event takes us!