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1st September 2016

Gem... Using Design for Good

Louisa MarsdenLouisa Marsden

 Mental health is an issue close to our hearts and effects many of us, both directly and indirectly. Mind is a great organisation, who campaign for those with mental health issues to get the respect, help and support they need and deserve. Providing information, helplines and ongoing advice to those in need.

Gem’s first campaign will raise money for Mind, and aims to create conversation around mental health using design. A series of prints will be designed by the Gem creatives, focusing on life and happiness, with the production of prints being crowdfunded. When the target is reached, they will be sold as limited edition prints, with the proceeds of the sales going to Mind.

The Creatives

It was important for us to join with creatives who have distinctly different styles and mediums, allowing the portrayals of life and happiness to shine through with each craft. From graphic designers to paper architects, here’s a little more about those involved with Gem…

Karl is a German born Illustrator, who has been drawing, painting and making a mess since his early upbringing in the UK.  Karl graduated with degrees in both Illustration and visual communication and is proud to be represented by The Bright Agency, working in the publishing world creating illustrations and book covers for the likes of Penguin Random House and Egmont Publishing.  Karl uses both traditional and digital mediums to develop his illustrative work, keeping his signature style witty, odd and full of gusto.

Sam is an independent illustrator and paper artist who is inspired by culture, travel and mother nature. Living in the scenic countryside just outside of Bristol acts as her perfect setting to create artwork which emulates the beauty and serenity of the natural world. Constructing her designs from a range of fine quality papers, her work is then professionally photographed and used both commercially and artistically by advertising and publishing clients, as well as being used in physical form for window displays and installations.

Jordan is a graphic designer based in Cardiff, with experience working across printed materials and digital experiences for global brands. His passion for design began from a young age making illustrated custom covers for old VHS film recordings and he put his skills to use when studying graphic communications as a degree. Being fuelled by all things creative, Jordan relishes the challenges a new brief can bring and maintains his personal qualities of respect, trust and a good sense of humour throughout his work.

Lucy is an artist, passionate about drawing, colouring and creating, while being a self-confessed hoarder of beautifully crafted design and typography. From studying graphic design and illustration, Lucy has now gone on to set up her own studio in her hometown of Cardiff called Dippy egg, which will celebrate its eighth birthday this year. She prides herself on designing everything in house and producing it ethically and is delighted to be stocked by stores all over the UK, such as Fortnum & Mason, Harrods & Somerset House.

Hollie is a creative designer with a love of typography, maps and a passion towards design for print. Graduating with a graphic design degree, Hollie is now an in house designer for a creative studio in Cardiff. You can usually find her with a brush pen in hand free forming type and looking at pretty packaging designs for hours on end. She lives by her motto of “Work hard, stay humble” as she keeps pushing to become an accomplished hand letterer and designer.

Using Design for Good

Design has the ability to convey a message of importance that words are sometimes unable to achieve. We started researching into ‘design for good’ and the impact designers and artists are having with their work. The idea that a social issue can be powerfully represented through inspirational art is something we want to get behind. We want Gem to be a series of campaigns, which aim to raise awareness of social issues; promoting the use of design and digital for good, using the power of creativity to inspire, educate and engage society and hopefully make a positive difference.

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