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25th March 2019

Blue Stag Selects: March

Joseph FullerJoseph Fuller

We don’t know if it’s just us, but sometimes we find ourselves lost in the sheer amount of brilliant work that’s out there. With this in mind, we’ve started Blue Stag Selects, collecting our favourite finds over each month for your viewing pleasure. Whether we’ve found something thought-provoking, eyebrow-raising or just pretty to look at, you’ll find it in here.

A whole team selection: Stranger Things Season 3 Trailer
The intense, information-packed, plot-teasing trailer for Stranger Things season 3 has landed and has the Blue Stag office’s attention. The teaser is built excellently, gradually reaching its colourful crescendo as new ideas are introduced, summery sensibilities tinge the trailer and the future of Hawkins is hinted at.

Dan, Creative Director, selects: Louvre Transformation by French artist JR
French artist JR recruited 400 volunteers and used 2000 pieces of paper to transform the Louvre into a paper optical illusion with breathtaking results. I could write at length about why I love it but you have to see it for yourself - it's cool as hell.

Rhi, Marketing and Strategy Manager, selects: The work of Camille Walala
A self-professed purveyor of positivity, Camille Walala is an artist and designer who makes the most amazing vibrant environments which stimulate the senses and inspire joy- I want her to design our office (or my house)!

Rojal, Graphic Designer and Videographer, selects: Serious Tingz
My March selection is sourced from Vimeo and is a short tale about masculinity within the black community, created by filmmaker Abdou Cisse. Serious Tingz is a well-made, relatable film and I can really connect with it.

Amy, Graphic Designer, selects: Insane in the Rain
Aside from having a great brand name, Insane in the Rain take old bottles and single-use plastic to make fabric. They use 17-23 bottles per jacket, meaning that their rain jackets aren’t just gorgeous but environmentally conscious too.

Nathan, Graphic Designer, selects: Celebrating Johann Sebastian Bach
One of March’s Google Doodles was a celebration of one of the most famous and beloved composers, Johann Sebastain Bach. I really enjoy how this simple microsite uses AI to allow all users to create music, placing them at the centre of their own creative process, regardless of their musical skill.

Joseph, Creative Copywriter, selects: Jag Trax by DJ Jenifa
Acclaimed electronic artist Gold Panda spontaneously released an album of one-take recordings under the alias DJ Jenifa this month, which was a lovely surprise. I think the album + release process is a really great example of someone creating for the sake of it without profit directly involved (he urges people to select £0 as their donation) and it's also pretty damn good.

Paul, Full Stack Developer, selects: Rimac Hypercars Microsite
For March, I’ve selected the Rimac Hypercars Microsite webpage, quite possibly the best automotive website I've seen - I love how video is used on this website and how slick the page is, even with the sizeable video they’ve embedded.