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1st March 2019

Blue Stag Selects: February

Joseph FullerJoseph Fuller

We don’t know if it’s just us, but sometimes we find ourselves lost in the sheer amount of brilliant work that’s out there. With this in mind, we’ve started Blue Stag Selects, collecting our favourite finds over each month for your viewing pleasure. Whether we’ve found something thought-provoking, eyebrow-raising or just pretty to look at, you’ll find it in here.

Dan, Creative Director, selects: A History of Racial Injustice
The Equal Justice Initiative confronts racial injustice, advocates for equality, and creates hope for marginalised communities. I'm a huge fan of their work and I've chosen this brilliantly-made and deeply informative timeline that takes a day-by-day account of racial injustices and presents them in a form that’s easy to understand and learn from. In the EJI’s own words ‘[we] designed A History of Racial Injustice as a set of tools for learning more about people and events in American history that are critically important but not well known.’

Rhi, Marketing & Manager, selects: Can't Unsee

I enjoyed having my eye for detail tested point of view shifted by a series of frustratingly difficult puzzles in the form of Can’t Unsee. By using a retro, gamified approach to problem solving, the site asks you a series of spot-the-difference questions that get more tricky as they progress. Guaranteed to get you scratching your head whilst also strengthening your understanding of visual language.

Rojal, Graphic Designer and Videographer, selects: Housecall
My choice is an anarchic, surreal tale of a law enforcement officer ready to prove the world he’s still got it. Wonderfully directed by Josh Soskin with a cheeky sensibility and great attention to detail, Housecall is an unforgettable four-minute burst. Without spoiling it, we’re going to label this one NSFW.

Amy, Graphic Designer, selects: Sculptures by Maxim Shkret
My eye was caught by Maxim Shkret’s stunning 3D sculptures, which fulfil the creator’s aims experimenting with the intersection of digital and physical worlds. Each of these immense works are built digitally before being brought into physical form via 3D printing and 5-axis CNC machining centre. You’re going to want to see these sculptures for yourself!

Nathan, Graphic Designer, selects: Bored AF
Elizabet Oliveira & Sara Vieira’s genius chatbot battles boredom and procrastination with helpful nudges towards good ideas. Whether it’s taking a walk or planning for the future, Bored AF will give you worthwhile ways to fill your downtime. Fresh from student-dom, I'm used to procrastination and I have chosen Bored AF as a means to making better decisions - we could all learn a thing or two from this chatbot.

Joseph, Creative Copywriter, selects: Superthing by Futura
I’m a keen coffee-slurper and grew up absolutely loving cartoons, so this branding project by Futura for Austin, TX roastery Superthing hit the sweet spot. I really dig the playful, hyperactive design approach, vivid colours and the way this is applied across the entire project.

Paul, Full Stack Developer, selects: The comics of Nathan W. Pyle
My February selection is Nathan W. Pyle’s charming comics, approaching the mundane aspects of human life from an intergalactic standpoint. Nathan W. Pyle’s well-written alien lifeforms have struck a chord with me, Blue Stag's resident space enthusiast, as they explore such earthly eccentricities as vintage wine, peek-a-boo, dreaming and pet ownership.