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The Blue Stag crew

Since 2008, we have been combining creativity and technology with human emotion to create experiences and solutions that attract attention, generate meaningful conversations and gain fans.

“Original, creative and with an innate understanding of their customer’s needs, the team at Blue Stag are a pleasure to work with”

Steve Miller, UnLtd

Our manifesto

  1. Don’t just create. Solve

    We see every project as a strategic challenge. Our focus is not only to create beautiful solutions but to achieve the strategic ambitions of our clients.

  2. Build relationships, earn trust

    Success is built on relationships and trust. We aim to forge meaningful and long standing relationships with our clients.

  3. Create it with passion

    There are no boring assignments. Only solutions. We approach each new project with passion, eager to challenge ourselves and create something unique.

  4. Stay humble

    Work for the client, not for the fame. Making users happy matters more than any award.

  5. Be honest

    Tell the truth. No bullshit. We don’t pretend to be a full-service agency. If we don’t feel we’re right for your project, we’ll be straight with you.

  6. Wonder is more powerful than knowledge

    We aim to infuse the things we create with a sense of wonder. To entice, provoke and inspire. As Einstein once put it, “Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”

  7. Make things simple

    Good design should make things feel less complicated. We apply this principle in the way we work.

  8. Do things that matter

    We care about the world we live in. We’ve got a soft spot for projects where we can use our creativity to make it a better place.

  9. A rising tide lifts all ships

    We give back to our industry and city, and nurture talent. We work with other agencies when it helps create better solutions and to help champion our industry.

  10. Have fun

    Because, what’s the point if we can’t all enjoy the ride?

Meet the herd

Kirsty Bowen - Lead Developer

Kirsty Bowen

Lead Developer
Nathan Dorney

Nathan Dorney

UX/UI Designer
Joe Birkin - Developer - Blue Stag

Joe Birkin

Website Developer

Amy Garrett-Williams

Lead Designer
Dan Sargent - Creative Director - Blue Stag

Dan Sargent

Creative Director

Alex Peel

Content Strategy Manager
Rhi Leedam

Rhi Leedam

Digital Strategy Manager

Paul Dean

Full-Stack Developer

Started on the frontier. Now we’re here.

We’ve been going strong since 2008. Ever since two pals fancied the whole ‘being adult’ thing after uni and started their own creative and digital agency. Now with over 13 years of experience and at home in Cardiff’s buzzing Tramshed Tech. With more fond memories than we can list here, we’re thrilled for the future.

From little seeds we grow mighty trees

By working with a range of outstanding organisations, we’ve created work that has been recognised by Webby, FWA, Packaging of the World, AWWWARDS, Mashies and the Lovies. Get to know who’s helped us make this magic:

Meet our clients 👉

Highlights from our portfolio

Warrior Women

Creating a new identity that empowers and brings together like-minded women.

Warrior Women Collective was set up in 2017 as a way to bring together women in an informal, inspiring, unique environment. They came to us to help shape their brand identity. We developed a flexible stamp style logo and created an uplifting, informal, fun brand to represent their culture.


Changing young people's attitudes about mental health.

Working with Time to Change Wales, we ran a 3-year social campaign. We developed a campaign identity and message, designed a bilingual campaign strategy, built a microsite and created a range of social media content including animations, graphics, spoken word poetry, interview videos and a campaign video. The campaign reached +1 million people, engaged +70,000 people.

A digital solution for humanitarian action

Elrha required a new website to deliver their vision, increase reach and demonstrate their impact. We designed and built a website showcasing the vital work they invest in and the impact they have on the lives of those experiencing humanitarian crises. Since launch, the bounce rate has decreased by 30% and page duration doubled to 4 minutes.

Global Youth Entrepreneurship Summit 2019

Designing Youth Business International's flagship event

Global Youth Entrepreneurship Summit is the Youth Business International network’s flagship event. Bringing together leading experts, influencers, and decision-makers in the youth entrepreneurship sector. We created a full and complete brand style. We did this through shapes, motion, colour, and typography. The dynamic features of the identity allow it to be used in a variety of mediums, including; print, digital, and motion.


Promoting the UK's most advanced polar research ship.

The Natural Environment Research Council asked us to deliver a 4-week campaign to crowdsource a name for their new polar research ship. We designed and built a microsite that enabled people to submit names, allowed NERC to moderate the entries and for the public to vote for their favourite. #NameOurShip mentioned 23 million times, it reached 250 million people on social media, had 2.3 million page views in 3 weeks and 30,000+ name submissions.

Building impactful organisations to support young entrepreneurs

YBI required a website to facilitate these services for young entrepreneurs, showcase their partners and celebrate the work of their members. We developed their digital brand and designed and built YBI a solution that is rewarding for all stakeholders involved. From championing members from around the world to showcasing projects and their impact on young entrepreneurs.

Give DIFFerently

A different way of combating homelessness

The Give DIFFerently scheme changes the way people to donate to the homeless by creating funding opportunities to help people stay off the streets for good. We establish a bilingual brand identity and assets for the Give DIFFerently campaign and rolled out the brand across promotional material for print and digital. Since launch, over £10k has been raised and has provided 25 grants to homeless people.

Pontypool RFC 150 Years

Celebrating 150 years of Pontypool RFC

To celebrate this momentous occasion, we brought the century-old crest back to life. The new logo launched across all digital channels, as well as embroidered onto the new kit and merchandise. To support the launch, we also produced an animated history timeline of the club. To launch the crest, we produced 3D teaser animations and a 3D render of the new season kit.

Dan Sargent

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