Won't be a jiffy


@blue___stag A little bit of festive retro gaming at @tramshedtech
@blue___stag Sebastian the red-nosed blue stag #christmas #forgetrudolph
Wishing everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy new year from all of us at Blue StagπŸŽ„ t.co/cE16MkQXyy
blue___stag @blue___stag

Highlights of 2016

Now that we have bid farewell to 2016, we wanted to look back at the highlights

The Annual Lovie Awards

On Friday, the 6th Annual Lovie Awards was held in London... Sadly we couldn't be there to collect the Silver award for #NameOurShip, it looked like a spectacular event!

@dansargent It's been a good year for @blue___stag. This is a great way to top it off. Thanks @thelovieawards
@blue___stag Edmond giving a festive welcome to our silver Lovie award for the #NameOurShip campaign πŸ’– @thelovieawards #digitalpr
Here's a sneak peek at a #Christmas project we're working on. Coming to a TV near you soon! t.co/M1Maoo0WLi β›„ #xmas #Snoooooow
blue___stag @blue___stag
@blue___stag It's officially Christmas season πŸŽ„
Note #12

Deryn's Digital Assembly Timeline

Rhi Leedam Rhi Leedam
Here's a sneak peek at a #Christmas project we're working on. Coming to a TV near you soon! t.co/M1Maoo0WLi β›„ #xmas #Snoooooow
blue___stag @blue___stag
@amyzing Fabulous darling @blue___stag πŸ’ƒπŸ»

Happy Halloween

A spooktastic Halloween at Tramshed Tech

@amyzing @tramshedtech Yes #Beaujolais #beaujolaisday🍷 #tramshedtech @blue___stag
@tramshedtech Even the stag is supporting Wales today @blue___stag πŸ‰β€οΈ #tramshedtech #rugby #cardiff #wales
@blue___stag and we couldn't be more excited to have you all (and Sebastian) part of the family! #welcome… t.co/KRlZ3JQSI1
TramshedTech @TramshedTech
@blue___stag A very smiley welcome from Edmond to the Blue Stag CSS Site of the Day award #webdesign #award #cssdesignawards
Have you discovered the surprise in the footer of our new site? #StagCam t.co/0b9xuudpEc t.co/a5gGKV6OMB
blue___stag @blue___stag
Note #11

Tramshed Tech's Retro Christmas Party

Rhi Leedam Rhi Leedam
@blue___stag Edmond is welcoming the Lordie or Zombie CSS Site of the Day award to the building #webdesign #award #cssdesignawards
@blue___stag Brightening up the office with some vinyl prints
@tramshedtech OUR WORK IS BETTER THAN YOURS #tramshedtech #digital #coworking
Sebastian has his game face on! πŸ‰ #WalvAus t.co/eZGgK5vnZr
blue___stag @blue___stag

The Gem Project Has Been Launched

Raising money for Mind and creating conversation around mental health, using design.

Coming at You Live from the D&AD Festival

Here you can get your daily dose of #DandAD16 and see what we get up to in Shoreditch for three days of creative excellence.

@blue___stag Sebastian is getting a new coat
@blue___stag Do you think Sebastian wants to be let inside? 🦌
Today we get to welcome back our lead developer @klbowen87 from maternity. Welcome back Kirsty! t.co/8ifZe91aJY
blue___stag @blue___stag
@rhi_leedam Glammed up for the CIPR awards 🌟 #PRideCYM
Note #10

Finalists for the Mashies 2016!

Rhi Leedam Rhi Leedam
Looking forward to moving to @TramshedTech... The @blue___stag office is going to look slick πŸ‘Œ t.co/hZxsgUMqsZ
rhi_leedam @rhi_leedam
@blue___stag Edmond is having a welcome party for our latest @AWWWARDS certificate for the Blue Stag Website #webdesign #award
@rhi_leedam So many pretty papers to choose from!
@amyzing Our head of distraction Murray is having a hard day. Adorable
@amyzing Picture doesn't do the colour justice! Lovely print sample sent over from Antalis. @blue___stag
Throw back to when @blue___stag won @AWWWARDS site of the day... yesterday #TBT 😏 t.co/lLFOaCH7sl
DanMSargent @DanMSargent
@amyzing Edmond is in full party mode
One of the best footers on a website I've seen in a while t.co/UR1trVEY7q @blue___stag #webdesign #annimation #illustration
MattBrownGD @MattBrownGD
Note #9

Lordie or Zombie wins CSS Site of the Day

Rhi Leedam Rhi Leedam
@dansargent #PANTONE
@dansargent Puppy love
@dansargent I'm often asked how I get to work in the morning...
Not hard to see why these guys won a design award! Stag-tastic! #design #inspiring #bluestag t.co/QbfecNLYTc
fionaboniwell @fionaboniwell
@blue___stag Our work for the #NameOurShip campaign is featured in @webusermagazine #webdesign #UI
@blue___stag @dansargent is having a conversation with King Louie
@blue___stag Some early #logo concepts for a fashion #branding project
@blue___stag Here's our little stags before their first match this season. Best of luck lads!
Stagtastic! Check out the footer animation and click on the stag! Too bloody cool for school #LOVE t.co/BjtdpDjxn5
fionaboniwell @fionaboniwell
@blue___stag Getting messy! #ink
Note #8

We've Moved

Rhi Leedam Rhi Leedam
The @AWWWARDS #SiteOfTheDay is stunning - clever use of video content with good load times, well done @@blue___stag… t.co/Ztva8HqJn8
jygraphicdesign @jygraphicdesign
@blue___stag Cake makes Mondays great #photoshoot
@blue___stag When Trin met Sebastian
@blue___stag That's one yummy gift! #thanks #chocolate
@blue___stag We've made some magnificent #bookends for the studio #vscocam #vsco
Seb enjoying the @macmillancoffee morning! β˜•οΈπŸ°πŸŒŸ @blue___stag #MacmillanCoffeeMorning t.co/YjF3y7F3dO
louisamars @louisamars
@amyzing Representing! Had to be done! @blue___stag
Current office debate... Which platform has the most sassy Sassy Girl emoji? #emoji πŸ’ t.co/ME9QXaAsAw
blue___stag @blue___stag
Note #7

CIPR PRide Cymru Awards

Rhi Leedam Rhi Leedam
@amyzing And that's how you launch a website! @blue___stag
@amyzing Introducing the boss! @bluestagstudio @kirstyheadford @dansargent
@amyzing This weeks b?hance desktop background is from Mats Ottdal. Some rather lovely gold type right there! #type
Thank you very much @ThePaperDesk for our #BO12 it's a thing of beauty t.co/2vBsLaC5Ii
amyisms @amyisms
@blue___stag #xmas!
@dansargent Mmmmmmmm, cake
Working on some case studies with @rhi_leedam for the new @blue___stag site. Looking forward to launch day... t.co/Olmjfxsofj
DanMSargent @DanMSargent
Our Finalists have been announced! See who made the list + vote for your favourites: t.co/46JJNz5jnh t.co/LvYLTYvxil
lovieawards @lovieawards
Note #6

#NameOurShip picks up Silver at the Lovie Awards 2016

Rhi Leedam Rhi Leedam
So pleased to be a part of this wonderful @BrandGem #Kickstarter Campaign!! #mentalhealthmatters #mindcharity t.co/oJOoPkqeYc
sampierpoint @sampierpoint
A little late to the party but just spotted our site is featured in @Designmodo's '11 Web Design Trends for 2016' t.co/Kddb2CzFse
blue___stag @blue___stag
We'd like to wish @AdamWarrenJones a warm welcome as the latest addition to our herd t.co/YxekOo4fmX
blue___stag @blue___stag
Happy birthday @blue___stag !! Thank you for having us #BirthdayGoodness t.co/TKfC1DGyHe
myjthorne @myjthorne
Wahayyy started working @blue___stag 3 years ago today & graduated 3 days after that. Part of the furniture now woo! t.co/N12bb1Tcg7
amyisms @amyisms
Pretty damn proud of the @blue___stag & @NERCscience team for getting shortlisted for @CIPR_Awards #PRideAwards t.co/aednmYOvkG
DanMSargent @DanMSargent
So this arrived today. Thanks @TheWebbyAwards t.co/JQ21CmHGDW
DanMSargent @DanMSargent
'It always seems impossible until it's done' - Nelson Mandela. Have a cracking day everyone! @blue___stag t.co/vC65cNFyhd
kerzlaky @kerzlaky
Note #5

#NameOurShip is up for a Lovie Award

Rhi Leedam Rhi Leedam
Who's excited to be working with @rhi_leedam? This guy! ?
DanMSargent @DanMSargent
At @cardiffuni away day about to hear about #BoatyMcBoatface campaign from @DanMSargent @blue___stag @CIPR_UK t.co/QaGjTjR7Bg
mwhall25 @mwhall25
"Arrow formation, troops!" Best of luck with the grad show @uswfastforward! We know you'll crush it #uswfastforward t.co/fDl2YW5bX9
blue___stag @blue___stag
Nice to see some of our work for @sport_wales up on the big screen t.co/TkDjJw6kYl
blue___stag @blue___stag
When @louisamars bakes a cake, it's always on brand(ish) t.co/gglMazhIdq
DanMSargent @DanMSargent
We're making Goodie Bags! 'The kids' still love a good badge right? Thanks to @dandad for their great contribution t.co/1pWal3ET4b
blue___stag @blue___stag
@NERCscience says #boaty has reached 250m people. 23m used #nameourship. Large number of people with awareness. 60k views of Boaty video
CommonsSTC @CommonsSTC
@DanMSargent @blue___stag @NERCscience Your team have been fantastic, Thank you for your ideas, advice & rapid response as things grew.
JuliaRMaddock @JuliaRMaddock
We're #hiring! We're looking for an Account Executive to join our team. Apply at t.co/OlPBw29Ejf t.co/gj9JGBiBvJ
blue___stag @blue___stag
While creating initial designs for our new logo @amyisms created Stag Duck. Had to do something with the little guy t.co/UdtTLI3Lpz
blue___stag @blue___stag
Note #4

Fancy Joining Us At D&AD Festival?

Dan Sargent Dan Sargent
Perfection is a stag #DandAD16 t.co/OzDztvwJOL
CatTurner @CatTurner
We're so excited to be named an Official @TheWebbyAwards Honoree! Congratulations to @PontypoolRFC too #Webbys t.co/Ty5xtR4b0h
blue___stag @blue___stag
So this arrived today. Thanks @TheWebbyAwards t.co/JQ21CmHGDW
DanMSargent @DanMSargent
Pretty damn proud of the @blue___stag & @NERCscience team for getting shortlisted for @CIPR_Awards #PRideAwards t.co/aednmYOvkG
DanMSargent @DanMSargent
We've launched @BrandGem to help breakdown the stigma surrounding mental health t.co/trYGgng85Z t.co/K4aCDf5CyG
blue___stag @blue___stag
A little late to the party but just spotted our site is featured in @Designmodo's '11 Web Design Trends for 2016' t.co/Kddb2CzFse
blue___stag @blue___stag
Congrats @blue___stag (United Kingdom) #SOTD for Name Our Ship t.co/BtHXeDPrlE #NameOurShip @NERCscience t.co/Tt1bfohiup
The agency behind #BoatyMcBoatface, @blue___stag, take us behind the scenes of the campaign t.co/vHTVP3qZoJ #PR
Note #3

We're Hiring

Dan Sargent Dan Sargent
Welsh design hero @AnnieAtkins is in the house @blue___stag #DandAD16 t.co/JCP0S3RxjR
DanMSargent @DanMSargent
Great piece in @WalesOnline about @TheWebbyAwards Honouree for @PontypoolRFC's site. Proud of the @blue___stag team t.co/8fOs1kAx5A
DanMSargent @DanMSargent

The Blue Stag. The stag, the myth, the legend. An ancient marvel or inhabitant of the deepest, darkest welsh countryside? For years and years, the question has been left unanswered.

As the foliage continues to thicken, we thought it time to explore the legendary myth and uncover the truth about the majestic Blue Stag once and for all. So, we travelled to the depths of the Welsh countryside – planting cameras along the way to catch a glimpse of this magnificent creature...

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